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FishNet Alliance

Introducing FishNet Alliance, a network of fishers engaged in and promoting sustainable fishing in line with ecosystem limits. We stand in solidarity against extractive activities in water bodies – including rivers, lakes and oceans. Download and read about FishNet Alliance for more details and for information on how to be a part of the Alliance.

The School of Ecology: Life After Oil

The maiden session of Health of Mother Earth Foundation's School of Ecology with the theme Life after Oil held on 30-31July 2018 at the organisation’s head office in Benin City, Nigeria. Life after Oil is aimed at challenging the mindset of people towards dependence on extractives and especially on the concept of energy and development based on fossil fuels. Participants learned that development is possible without harming our planet and we that economic wellbeing and progress can be achieved through respectful use of the gifts of Nature. A key focus of the school was that humans must reconnect to Nature and that a good way to do that is the platform of re-source democracy. The school particularly aimed at shifting the focus of Nigeria from fossil fuels resources and to building a vision of life beyond oil


Eco-Instigator #20

Download and read a copy of Eco-Instigator #20 here

Bad Plastic Idea

The themes for this year’s World Environment Day and World Ocean Day are centered on beating plastic pollution and thus serve as a wakeup call for all of us to take prompt actions to protect our environment and by extension our lives.

Eco-Instigator issue #19

Download and read this edition here

Knowing HOMEF

Living in Fear

Living in Fear- Wars, conflict and natural resources in the heart of Africa - explores the general relation between wars, conflicts and natural resources, focusing in particular on two African countries: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. Both countries have gone through some of the bloodiest wars and conflicts in recent decades in the world. Peace efforts have been made at the UN level to try to minimize the conflict situations. The book provides a succinct but comprehensive overview of both conflicts and shows their relation with natural resources.

FishNet Alliance Lands in Togo

FishNet Alliance was birthed in Lome, Togo on Thursday, March 1, 2018. It was made possible by the local fishers and with the facilitation of Association Jeune Chretien en Action pour le Developpement (JCAD). The epochal event took place at Centre d’Education Spirituelle pour l’Apostolat des Laics (CESAL). Togo now joins Nigeria, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa as countries where FishNet Alliance has members.

Eco-Instigator #18

Download and read our Eco-Instigator #18. It is a loaded edition. As is our tradition!

Beyond Oil - Re-imagining Development in the Niger Delta

Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) has just published a report, "Beyond Oil - Re-imagining the Development in the Niger Delta". Written by a crack team of researchers and practitioners, the report shows the urgency for charting a new pathway to the future in one of the most ecologically challenged regions of the world. We bring you the forewords to this report. They are written by renowned writers/thinkers, Alberto Acosta and Johnson Ekpere. You can drop us a line if you would like to read the entire report.

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