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The Right to Safe Food = Right to Life

Monsanto Tribunal has released its findings. They show starkly that Monsanto’s activities undermine basic human rights and that victims of multinational corporations need better protective regulations. The Tribunal also holds that international courts should recognize ecocide as a crime. Read the full press release from Seed Freedom.

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Shell Stuck in Greasy OPL 245 Deal

The shocking news that all previous claims by Shell that they did nothing wrong with the highly contentious OPL 245 oil bloc deals were false hit Nigerians yesterday. Global Witness noted that in a statement to the New York Times, Shell’s Vice President for Global Media Relations, agreed that, “Over time, it became clear to us that Etete was involved in Malabu and that the only way to resolve the impasse through a negotiated settlement was to engage with Etete and Malabu, whether we liked it or not”. He added Shell knew that the Nigerian government “would compensate Malabu to settle its claim on the block”.

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Food for Life

The task of ensuring that science responds to popular needs of society should be the major challenge that scientists have to overcome. While that task is met regularly, the issue of presenting science in a way that citizens can easily grasp can be daunting. Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF), the ecological think tank, hosted media practitioners in Benin City recently at a training focusing on Biosafety and agricultural modern biotechnology in particular.


Our Climate is Going to Waste: Time to Think a New Future

Mass #Breakfree Actions in Ogoni, Nigeria. On the 30th of March 2017, hundreds of climate activists as well as concerned and affected Nigerians joined ongoing actions around the world aimed at pressing home the need to address our dependence on fossil fuels which poisons our planet and threatens to eliminate all of us.

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Forest Monitors, Forest Protectors

Communities are best placed to monitor their forests because they live in the forests, depend on forest resources and readily notice threat and changes that occur in such forests. Citizens' monitoring of forests is imperative if our last remaining forests are to be protected from being destroyed through illegal logging or under the banner of infrastructure politics.


When Faith Questions Genetic Modification

The committee was at pains explaining to the two agencies that, in carrying out their work, they must understand that the critical baseline is the interest of Nigerians and our environment and not that of any commercial or political interest- no matter how powerful. The two agencies could not convince the expert committee that they had enough tools to adequately carry out their tasks. Among other things, the committee also saw that NABDA was functioning more as a GMO advocacy agency rather than engaging in useful research, while the Biosafety Management Act itself requires urgent radical review.


Nigerian Lawyers Demand Review of Biosafety Law

The Nigerian Bar Association in Edo State and HOMEF held a stakeholders meeting on the National Biosafety Management Act (2015) in Benin City. At the end of deliberations, they raised critical issues and concerns with regard to GMOs and the Biosafety Management Act. They also brainstormed on the increased aggressive push of the biotechnology companies in partnership with their local collaborators in Nigeria to ensure favourable legislations as a step towards unleashing their products and commodities on Nigerian. They cited several fault-lines in the permissive NBMA Act requiring that the entire Act be urgently reviewed and the GMO permits issued withdrawn.

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Record-Breaking Superhighway's 20km Right of Way Revoked

The forest communities and other threatened communities of Cross River State, Nigeria, have won a significant victory. The order of the Cross River State government revoking ownership of land extending to 10km on either side of the proposed 260 km Superhighway has just been reversed or “de-revoked” as the community people call it! Besides the threat that the alignment of the proposed highway poses to communities, protected and community forests, one very peculiar and alarming aspect of the project was the revocation of ownership of lands lying within 10 km on either side of the proposed superhighway.


Women Reject the Superhighway

The controversy surrounding the 260 km Superhighway proposed by the Cross River State government (CRSG) of Nigeria will not go away. Notably, the bulldozing of forests, farmlands and sundry properties commenced last year without an approved Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Curiously, the government issued an edict dispossessing individuals and communities of lands lying within an incredible 10 km width on either side of the proposed superhighway.


Environmental Stewards or Prodigals?

An inheritance can be wasted, squandered, damaged, diminished or destroyed. In the ideal situation, an inheritance should be held with a sense of stewardship, with the knowledge that it would be inherited by subsequent generations. This sense of stewardship includes the responsibility to bring about improvements on the inherited artefacts. Overall, the future of what is inherited depends mostly on the disposition of the inheritor. This is the person that decides whether to preserve and handover to the next generation or to squander and waste what was inherited... In our cultural worldview, when we say uwem edi imo (life is wealth), monetary consideration is not part of the equation. True wealth includes a sense of health, wellbeing, solidarity and happiness.